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Amplifying the consumer voice

The Innovation Index Coalition (IIC) is a global collective of academic research partners committed to infusing the consumer perspective into the discourse around invention and innovation.

The IIC partners are the Norwegian School of Economics (Norway), Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (Spain), Hanken School of Economics (Finland), Karlstad Business School (Sweden), Aarhus University, School of Business and Social Sciences (Denmark), Hasselt University – School of Business (Belgium), Fordham University – Gabelli School of Business (USA), University of Queensland -School of Business (Australia) and VinUni (Vietnam).


The Innovation Index Coalition


The driving force

Behind this collaboration is the seminal work carried out in the development of the Norwegian Innovation Index (the world’s first customer-based ranking of most innovative firms) at the Norwegian School of Economics (2016), which is detailed in the Journal of Business Research article (2022) authored by Kurtmollaiev, Lervik-Olsen and Andreassen.

The IIC ‘s mission is to enhance the impact of innovations, value creation and transformations by ensuring that crucial design and implementation decisions are informed by scientific evidence. In each partner country, we do this through research, dissemination, networking and training.


Our research agenda builds on the strengths and unique histories of its research partners, and this diversity of expertise enables the IIC to conduct cutting-edge research on the role of consumers in innovation.

Research findings are disseminated through a variety of channels, including academic journals, industry publications, and the IIC’s own newsletter. The newsletter format targets business leaders and industry experts.

The Coalition organizes annual meetings to cultivate working relationships between researchers, companies, and policymakers. These relationships are essential to ensure that IIC research has real-world impact.

Together with our consulting partners, we offer courses on a variety of topics, such as consumer-driven innovation, design thinking, agile development, and others.

The IIC is committed to positively influencing the world through innovation research. The IIC’s research, dissemination, networking, and training activities ensure that innovation is consumer-driven, evidence-based, and sustainable.


The Innovation Index Coalition

Is amplifying the voice of the customer on innovation in numerous ways:

  • Research focuses on understanding how consumers perceive and value innovation.
  • Research partners collaborate with companies to develop customer-focused innovation strategies.
  • The IIC newsletter and other publications offer ideas on how companies can incorporate the voice of the customer into their innovation efforts.
  • Conferences and workshops bring together researchers, companies, and policymakers to discuss the role of customers in innovation.
  • IIC training programs teach future innovators how to incorporate the voice of the customer into their work.
  • The IIC is making an important contribution to the field of innovation. By amplifying the voice of the customer, the IIC is helping to make innovation more effective and sustainable.

Our partners